Investment Teams

Global Equity


The Global Equity team manages all-weather strategies, allocated across various cross-sections of the global equity markets, with the ultimate goal of generating superior risk-adjusted returns for their clients.

Investment Philosophy

With a focus on long-term, superior risk-adjusted returns, the Global Equity team’s philosophy is rooted in their ability to produce portfolios of equities that participate in up markets while also limiting downside exposure. Their strategies are designed to identify the following types of companies:

  • High quality, blue chip companies with sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Cash-rich companies with the ability and commitment to return capital to shareholders.
  • Companies with moderate sustainable growth levels.
  • Companies with attractive valuations.

Investment Process

The combination of systematic, fundamental, and quantitative elements is the basis for the Global Equity team’s investment process. The team utilizes a rigorous screening process for each strategy to determine company eligibility. The goal of the screening process is to identify high quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages. Fundamental analysis on top of the screening criteria helps to determine the viability and strength of a company’s competitive advantage. Additionally, to evaluate management strengths, the team reconciles management comments with historical and projected metrics. Finally, the team uses robust optimization and risk analysis to determine portfolio weights.