Investment Teams

MLP & Energy Infrastructure


Energy infrastructure is critical to the U.S. economy, and investing in the asset class can provide yield, growth, diversification and tax benefits to investors. Clients turn to our experienced and dedicated team to harness the income and growth potential inherent in these investments.

Investment Philosophy

Our team believes that owning growing businesses with stable cash flows and access to capital will provide our clients with above-average, risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Our philosophy leads to a lower turnover approach that emphasizes growth and avoids businesses of low quality.


Our team is committed to a top-down/bottom-up investment process that results in investible industry and market insights and a strong understanding of the quality and relative value of MLP and energy infrastructure businesses. A competitive advantage is our proprietary Quality Scorecard that screens out low-quality MLPs from our portfolios. We tend to place higher importance on less-volatile businesses, strategic assets, cleaner balance sheets and proven management teams. We believe that these characteristics support stable distributions and are representative of higher quality businesses. Our portfolio construction focuses on building a portfolio of long-term holdings that reflect our themes, as well as our differentiated views of each business. A portion of the portfolio will be allocated to more tactical holdings that will be identified through the research process.