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All Cap Value Fund

The Advisory Research All Cap Value Fund invests in equity securities across all market capitalizations that we believe are profitable, asset rich, conservatively capitalized and maintain high-quality balance sheets.  

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The investment process focuses on the downside protection and upside potential of individual securities. Downside protection may be discovered through extensive fundamental analysis of companies in order to determine a security’s true net asset value. The team determines upside potential in a particular company through qualitative analysis utilizing senior management interviews, company visits and competitive analysis.

Fund Facts
Ticker ADVGX
CUSIP 461418816
Inception 11/16/2009
Minimum Investment $2,500
Net Expense Ratio 1.00%
Gross Expense Ratio 1.78%
Portfolio Managers Matt Swaim
Bruce Zessar
Chris Harvey
Asset Allocation
28.89% Mega Cap: 28.89|28.51% Large Cap: 28.51|26.75% Medium Cap: 26.75|14.85% Small Cap: 14.85
Sector Allocation
Communications:12.08|Consumer, Cyclical:20.34|Consumer, Non-cyclical: 13.82|Energy:3.62|Financial:27.72|Industrial:18.77|Technology:3.65
Top 10 Holdings
Starbucks Corp. 5.01%
TriMas Corp. 4.15%
Alphabet, Inc. 4.13%
Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. 4.11%
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. 4.09%
TE Connectivity, Ltd. 4.02%
Chubb, Ltd. 3.95%
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 3.94%
American Express Co. 3.85%
CDW Corp. 3.84%
Total 41.09%

Fund risks and disclosures