Separately Managed Accounts

Small Cap Value

Advisory Research provides access to institutional-caliber investment management with specialized expertise in targeted asset classes. 

We offer a wide range of strategies across the asset spectrum, paying close attention to downside protection and the pursuit of attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Strategy

The Small Cap Value strategy seeks to provide superior risk-adjusted performance and measured downside risk by investing primarily in equity securities within the market capitalization range of the Russell 2000 Value Index at the time of purchase. The portfolio is diversified across 35-50 holdings. Portfolio turnover generally ranges between 30-40% annually.

As fundamental investors with a long-term perspective, we seek undervalued companies with financial strength and durable business models. Our bottom-up security selection process allows us to thoroughly assess company-specific risk and long-term upside potential.

Key Facts

Market Cap Range: Generally within the range of the Russell 2000 Value Index at the time of purchase
Inception Date: January 1, 1987
Investment Vehicles: Separately Managed Account
Mutual Fund
Collective Trust Fund

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