Separately Managed Accounts

All Cap Value

Advisory Research provides access to institutional-caliber investment management with specialized expertise in targeted asset classes. 

We offer a wide range of strategies across the asset spectrum, paying close attention to downside protection and the pursuit of attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Strategy

The All Cap Value strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in equity securities across all market capitalizations that we believe are profitable, asset rich, conservatively capitalized and maintain high-quality balance sheets. The portfolio is diversified with up to 60 holdings. Portfolio turnover generally ranges between 30-40% annually.

As fundamental investors with a long-term perspective, we seek undervalued companies with financial strength and durable business models. Our bottom-up security selection process allows us to thoroughly assess company-specific risk and long-term upside potential.

Key Facts

Market Cap Range: Generally within the range of the Russell 3000 Value Index at the time of purchase
Inception Date: July 1, 2002
Investment Vehicles: Separately Managed Account
Mutual Fund

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