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MLP Equity

Advisory Research provides access to institutional-caliber investment management with specialized expertise in targeted asset classes. 

We offer a wide range of strategies across the asset spectrum, paying close attention to downside protection and the pursuit of attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Strategy

The MLP Equity strategy seeks a high level of total return and a growing cash yield. It offers low correlation to the broader equity market over the long term.

The strategy provides a portfolio consisting primarily of publicly traded partnerships and equities focused in the natural resources and energy infrastructure industries. Due to the nature of MLPs, tax-aware portfolio management is a very important aspect of our process for clients subject to taxes.

The MLP Equity Opportunity

Manager Commentary

Advisory Research MLP Equity Commentary 4Q2017

Advisory Research MLP Equity Commentary 3Q 2017

Advisory Research MLP Equity Commentary 2Q 2017

Advisory Research MLP Equity Commentary 1Q 2017

Key Facts

Target Market: Publicly-traded MLPs and energy infrastructure equities.
Inception Date: March 31, 1995
Investment Vehicles: Separately Managed Accounts
Mutual Fund
Portfolio Managers: Jim Cunnane
Quinn Kiley

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